Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) movie poster

(2009) dir. Wes Anderson
viewed: 06/19/10

It was only just Thanksgiving last year that we went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) in the cinema.  I liked it a great deal, listing it among my personal favorite films of 2009 (Best of 2009).  And oddly enough, Felix really liked it a great deal, too, listing it among his favorite films period.  Heck, it was enjoyed by all, so it was a pretty safe bet to add to the kids’ DVD collection.

I don’t buy a lot of DVD’s for myself, largely because I am so keen on seeing the films that I haven’t seen, this long, long seemingly endless list of films.  But with the kids, especially such a watchable and lively film like this, it’s the kind of thing that I think will get more mileage than general films on my shelf.

And again, the film was a total hit both with Clara and Felix and again with myself.  In reading over what I’d written about the film back in November, I don’t have a lot additonal to offer.  It’s charming, entertaining, a fully realized world with all of the markings of a Wes Anderson film, but also so much more as well.  In the stylish stop-motion animation and design, Anderson’s vision and style are utterly evident, as are his themes of family, heroism, and quirky comedy.

It’s greatly enjoyable.  If you haven’t seen it…well, you should.

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