The Return of Doctor X

The Return of Doctor X (1939) movie poster

(1939) director Vincent Sherman
viewed: 12/04/10

Packaged with Doctor X (1932), The Return of Doctor X is intended as a sequel, but really has nothing to do with the original by any means, other than being a poor version of a similar thing.  Like Doctor X, it’s a mystery/comedy following a crack reporter who is trying to solve a series of murders.

This time, “Doctor X” is played by Humphrey Bogart, in a rare science fiction film appearance.  He looks quite funny as the creepy doctor, and it’s pretty clear that he wasn’t having too much fun with it.  It’s a different “Doctor X” in a number of ways.  This time he’s the heavy, not the kooky genius.  And all the atmospheric charm of Michael Curtiz’s original is long gone from this less than half-assed attempt at a sequel.

While not without its charms, it’s a B-picture in the hands of B-picture workers, and despite the appearance of Bogart, doesn’t really have much cachet in which to offer itself.

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