Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers (1932) movie poster

(1932) director Norman Z. McLeod
viewed: 12/31/10

The third film in my (courtesy of Turner Classic Movies) Marx Brothers New Year’s Eve marathon was Horse Feathers, their fourth feature film for Paramount.  Horse Feathers is set at a Huxley College, with Groucho assuming leadership of the university, singing “I don’t care what you have to say/It makes no difference anyway/Whatever it is, I’m against it!”  The larger arc of the story has Zeppo, playing Groucho’s son, arguing for more football and less academics, leading to a showdown on the gridiron with rival Darwin College.

Each institution drops by a speakeasy to hire ringers for their college team, though Darwin gets there first and hires the real ringers.  Groucho rounds up Chico and Harpo thinking that they are the star football players he was supposed to dig up.  It all plays out on the football field in the end in a lampoon of the sport that while dated still is pretty amusing in consideration of today’s version of the sport.

Typically fast-paced, with rapid fire zingers and puns, visual and physical humor, it’s another rollicking good time.

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