Pig Hunt

Pig Hunt (2008) movie poster

(2008) director James Isaac
viewed: 04/28/11

This horror film was produced locally, featuring Les Claypool in a bit part in the film and more significantly on the soundtrack.  I think that’s why I queued it up.  I’m usually up for a horror film.  It’s kind of like comfort food.

Pig Hunt, if you can guess, is about a pig hunt.  Four friends and one friend’s girlfriend pile into a van to drive up from San Francisco to Boonville to hunt wild pigs.  There is a monster wild pig, a Hogzilla, a 3000 lb beast, mutated, deadly.  But actually the monster is an odd throwback to the days when physically crafted monsters held the screen as opposed to today’s more common digitized beasts.  But also it’s a throwback to when those crafted creatures were held back to the very end, only to be exposed at the very end, for suspense partially and partially because they didn’t traditionally have a monster who could hold the screen the whole time.

The rest of the film is made up of a California-based Deliverance (1972) sort of thing featuring hillbilly killers and a strange naked girl hippie cult.  Which actually makes for a reasonably good time, actually.

The worst thing about this movie is the general characterizations.  The characters are a poorly sketched lot, none of whom seem like they would be hanging out with the others.  And the main character, with his hottie Asian girlfriend, is supposed to have come from the Boonville backwoods.  I don’t know.  It’s all freakin’ ridiculous.

But as lame as the construct is, the bizarreness eventually starts rolling along.  And it’s more absurd turns almost make up for its weak qualities.  Almost, that is.

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