Trollhunter (2010) movie poster

(2010) director André Øvredal
viewed: 09/08/2011

A sort of Norwegian The Blair Witch Project (1999) about giant mountain trolls, Trollhunter isn’t utterly run-of-the-mill.  It’s neither completely comic nor completely serious, as it delves into the secret hidden creatures of Norway’s beautiful, isolated outlying wilderness.  And a little bit of Norse mythology to boot.

The “found footage” faux documentary thing is even more tired that modern 3-D.  But that’s how they went about this one.  It opens with some inter-titles saying that this was literally “found” footage, that no one knows what happened the the college students who find the titular, lonesome troll-hunter and follow him around watching him dispatch the nocturnal giants.

They either turn to stone or explode when hit with UV rays, which is the primary weapon of the troll-hunter.  And there is a government conspiracy to keep all these creatures under wraps.

Really, it takes little to no questioning of these plot points to get through the plot holes and concepts.  But what do you want with a movie about giant trolls?  They are all kind of throw-back designs from illustrations of trolls (they are not the big-bright-haired kewpie doll trolls…though that could have been hilarious.)  Actually, it’s kind of interesting how the films was well-received in its homeland.  Because it certainly is an oddity of some proportion here.

The landscapes are rugged, wild, amazing.  It does work as a bit of a coup for the tourism boards of Norway.  I don’t need a troll, but I’d love to see some of those mountains, rivers, and waterfalls.

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