Cold Weather (2010)

Cold Weather (2010) movie poster

director Aaron Katz
viewed: 02/21/2012

Mumblecore stylings meets film noir.  In Portland, OR.

Asinine amateur hour, if you ask me.  Actually, it got quite decent reviews. Not entirely sure why.

A very lame young man comes back to Portland and moves in with his sister, forgoing his forensic science studies in Chicago.  He gets a job in an ice factory, and then when his ex-girlfriend goes missing, he, his sister, and his buddy from the ice factory play amateur sleuths.

It’s not that this idea couldn’t work.  The guy, played by Cris Lankenau, has zero personality and motivation.  His ambivalence is awkward enough at first but when the story starts turning into a story, he still doesn’t make sense.  The whole kind of thing is half-assed.  Maybe it’s supposed to be about half-assed people, but none of the characters have an iota of truth to them.

The best thing about the film is the shots of Portland and the world around it.

I really found this lame.