Dream House (2011)

Dream House (2011) movie poster

director Jim Sheridan
viewed: 04/20/2012

Dream House is a mediocre (leaning towards lifeless) thriller starring Daniel Craig and the ever-lovely Rachel Weisz as husband and wife, parents of two young girls.  The also lovely Naomi Watts plays a neighbor who lives across the street from the strange family that lives in the house where some gruesome murders have taken place.

There is a big twist in the narrative that comes out about midway, but you can see it coming long before that.  Actually, if you’d seen  the trailer, you might also have figured this out before you even saw the movie.  Turns out that Craig is living in a delusion, that he was arrested for killing his wife and two girls (though he can’t imagine that he could have done it) and he’s caught in the happy delusion/spectral experience with his ghost family, trying to make sense of everything.

There’s a further twist towards the end, one that only makes sense in screenplays, something that pulls all the narratives together and makes for a nice pat ending.  Actually, you can kind of see where this film could have worked better perhaps in better hands.  Director Jim Sheridan supposedly wanted his name taken off of the film when the producers stepped in to edit the film and stars Craig and Weisz (who went on to get married to one another after this film) both refused to do press junkets for it.  So maybe there was something of more potential, muddled into the lower tiers of mediocrity.

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