The Dark (2005)

The Dark (2005) movie poster

director John Fawcett
viewed: 01/05/2013

There is something “there” there in The Dark.  Set in the wild Welsh coastline, tripping through regional mythologies and more modern crimes and abuses, two estranged parents lose their teenage daughter to the sea…and the things beyond in the world of the dead.

Though the film stars Maria Bello and Sean Bean, the real star of the film is the Welsh coast.  The dramatic cliffs, the pounding sea, the lush grasses upon which the sheep all feast.  It’s dramatic and beautiful and an excellent setting for something eerie and fantastic.

But the film itself is not very good.  Bello’s histrionic mother is annoying and overwrought.  The daughter is a petulant beast.  At least the dad seems like a decent bloke.

It’s weak film-making, directing, writing, execution that squanders what has something at its core that is intriguing and enticing.  There is something in The Dark.  Not much.

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