The Collection (2012)

The Collection (2012) movie poster

director Marcus Dunstan
viewed: 04/22/2013

Why did I watch The Collection? Well, I watched The Collection because I had accidentally watched The Collector (2009), thinking it was The Collection, which I only wanted to see because local film critic Mick LaSalle wrote so negatively about it.  His pompous writing has made me a tad reactionary over the years I’ve been here and he’s been lead film critic for the San Francisco Chronicle.  So, I watched The Collector, missing the entire point of the activity, so I felt somewhat compelled to complete the task and actually watch The Collection.

Really wasn’t worth the effort.

The Collector wasn’t half bad in its own way.  Particularly in comparison with The Collection.

The Collection starts off sort of where The Collector left off.  The thief who has escaped a house of horrors escapes a new house of horrors and is cowed into helping a private detective and crew to rescue the deaf daughter of some rich guy, hidden in the latter house of horrors, an abductee of “the collector”.

You see, he’s this serial killer/mass murderer/torture artist who kills and kills and kills with elaborate traps and complex mechanisms.  An entire dance floor of young people with rotary blades.  Others crushed in a cage-like compress.  Some drugged into crazed zombie insanity.  Others just spiked, shot, stabbed, mutilated.

So they raid his building, getting killed quickly and efficiently (it all clocks in at under 80 minutes, possibly much less).  Whereas its predecessor was at least partially baked, this one was obviously cooked up in a kitchen with a broken oven.  It’s just movie sludge.

A couple of the actors seem like they could have made for interesting characters if they’d stuck around long enough.  They are just grist for the mill, though.  Quite literally.

And this film, I will agree, is very bad.  I don’t see it as the end of cinema or the end of horror.  Just sort of pointless crap.

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