The Puffy Chair (2005)

The Puffy Chair (2005) movie poster

directors Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass
viewed: 05/22/2013

Somehow, quite recently, I’ve reached a minor break in my Netflix movie queue, actually getting through movies that I’ve prioritized at the top and into the long logjam of 450+ movies that were just there in a less ordered order.  Thus, The Puffy Chair.

A few years back, I’d been reading about the Mumblecore genre.  I watched the Duplass Brothers’ Baghead (2008).  I was intrigued, mainly perhaps by actress Greta Gerwig, who has started to be the first break-out from the genre into the mainstream.  Though the Duplasses also had a more mainstream entry with 2010’s Cyrus, which I also managed to see.  But I’d also queued up their first feature, The Puffy Chair, but really hadn’t gotten all to excited or interested to get around to watching it, or many other films of the low-budget, DIY genre.

It’s a light comedy about a guy (Mark Duplass) and a girl (Katie Aselton) who go on a road trip to pick up the titular puffy chair that Duplass has purchased on craigslist for his father’s birthday.  Their tenuous romantic relationship is further burdened by the guy’s brother, a sweet-voiced hippy guy, who tags along.

It has some funny bits.  The actors, who contribute to the script through improvisation, all deport themselves pretty well.  It doesn’t rise to anything remarkable.  It’s goofy, charming, awkward, and it’s nothing to really discredit.

I don’t know what else to say.

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