Entrails of a Virgin (1986)

Entrails of a Virgin (1986) movie poster

director Kazuo Kamizu
viewed: 05/30/2013

Firstly, the entrails that appear in the film do not actually come from a virgin but rather a sexually active adult.  Caveat emptor, indeed.

I suppose that should not be too surprising, as Entrails of a Virgin is a 1980’s Japanese pink film, a genre frequently associated with sex and sexploitation.  Sexual activity indeed abounds in Entrails of a Virgin.  But then so does serial-killing, filth-covered rapist.  He might get less screen time, but I think we can say that he abounds as well.

The film is actually pretty crazy and audacious.  It’s craziness and audacity make up for the bulk of the film’s plodding pretend intercourse.  It’s outrageous in a Takashi Miike sort of way.

In Japanese pornography pubic areas are often blurred (or “fogged”), so in that sense it’s “cleaner” than the soft-core pornography Americans are more familiar with from the days of pay cable movies and erotica.  That said, Entrails of a Virgin may fog the screen at times but has much more explicit suggestive shots of fluids and silhouette penises and other aspects of sex that seem far more explicit and even shocking.

The story follows a team of fashion photographers and three models who shack up in an abandoned building in the remote countryside after getting lost in the fog.  The men all use the women sexually in coarse, misogynistic ways.  In fact, the whole film could well be considered quite misogynist in total.  It might take a bit more thinking than I can conjure to really get into that.  But this nameless, dirty guy appears from the mud and starts killing everyone.  Is he man or spirit?  No idea.  But he is seeking vengeance against all.

Unlike an American slasher villain, he rapes all the women before killing them.  Which raises an interesting question about the more chaste American brethren.

Director Kazuo Kamizu gets the most out of his film in these more outre moments.  Eyes popping from a head, a woman wrestled to the ground suddenly pees her underwear, the killer sticks his hand inside a woman to pull out her entrails, the same woman masturbates with a severed hand.  It’s bizarrely, perhaps truly Japanese, this weird mixture of perversion, sex, and violence and certainly has many descendants and perhaps also antecedents.  It’s highly bizarre, grotesque, and out-and-out out there, taking a pretty averagely bad movie into some sublimely freaky territory.

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