Tremors (1990)

Tremors (1990) movie poster

director Ron Underwood
viewed: 08/10/2013

Jaws (1975). The Birds (1963). …Tremors (1990)?

While Tremors isn’t quite the classic that Jaws and The Birds are and wasn’t directed by a Hollywood icon, it was the third installment of our “when animals attack” mini festival.

Felix was most excited about it because it featured Kevin Bacon, an actor until now he’s only known for (and admired for) his name (“I wish my last name was Bacon!”).  It actually took a while until the kids realized that unlike the other two films, this one was highly comedic at its core.

I can’t say exactly how long it had been since I’d watched Tremors but I’d remembered it pretty well.  Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward make a great pair of goofy, bickering schmoes whose life in the nowhere town of Perfection, NV has hit its lowest point.  That is until a series of attacks by giant underground worms start making for chaotic laffs and action.

Believe it or not, there were at least four sequels to Tremors, none of which included Bacon and only one of which included Ward.  They were direct to video.  It’s kind of ironic perhaps that after watching Tremors this time, I was thinking how Ward and Bacon should have made more movies together.  It would be kind of funny perhaps to even make a sequel to Tremors in which they had to come together somehow aged 25 years or so.  I’m serious.

The kids enjoyed the movie, though noted it to be not nearly the quality of its predecessors in our little festival.  They thought that the worms’ orange goo guts looked like paint rather than guts.

Frankly, it’s quite the fun ride.

Reba McEntire shows up as the wife of gun-enthusiast/survivalist nutjob Michael Gross (the dad from TV’s Family Ties).  There is something prescient about the inclusion of such portrayals in 1990.  Gun-hoarding government-fearing caricatures aren’t nearly so sweet and charming after a number of incidents in the early to late 1990’s and ever since.

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