Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1982) movie poster

director Steven Spielberg
viewed: 08/17/2013

This viewing of Raiders of the Lost Ark was for Clara, who had never seen an Indiana Jones movie.  We had a thing like this for her and Star Wars (1977) which we did in the past year as well.  For all my cinema “education”/sharing I do with the kids, these rather glaring omissions in Clara’s viewing knowledge occurred in part to her being too young when Felix saw them and having simply not revisited them.

I love Raiders.  I think it’s best of the Steven Spielberg films, perhaps the best of George Lucas as well.  Even as it was itself a sort of attempt to recreate a style of film from the early movie serials, it was massively inventive in itself.  And its set pieces are all so cleverly and deftly crafted, it’s quite pure joy to watch.

That said, this time I was less enthralled.  I still loved it but not rapturously.

It’s a very different relationship that one has with a film one has seen many times.  And this situation that I’ve created for myself, to write about a film each time I see it rather than crafting a singular, more definitive response requires me to analyze my specific interaction in a particular viewing.  It’s kind of a weird quirk.  One I am trying to come to terms with in the way that I don’t try to be necessarily expansive in any one post about any one film.

Clara enjoyed it.  It’s likely that we’ll be going through the series in the coming weeks.

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