You’re Next (2011)

You're Next (2011) movie poster

director Adam Wingard
viewed: 08/30/2013 at AMC Metreon 16, SF, CA

For all the horror flicks made every years, it’s amazing how few really merit comment for inventiveness.

So, reading about You’re Next, I was keen to see it.  The title alone sort of cuts to the point of a certain type of horror film.  That directness could be good.

The film is about a family reuniting for the parents’ anniversary, meeting up in their big old house in the country, only to find themselves beset by masked killers, attacking them at random.  This isn’t such a home invasion as a serial assassination and torment.

It brought to mind the 2008 film The Strangers, which had a similar pretense, though with a smaller group of potential victims.   Part of the intrigue of a film like this is the “why?” of being attacked.  In The Strangers, the attack turned out to be utter random.  So, with the inventiveness attributed to You’re Next, you wonder what is afoot here.  What is the unique twist?

Well, if you are interested, you should stop here and go see the film. It’s definitely good and worthwhile.  Below, I’ll will say a little more.  So don’t let me spoil it for you.

The real twist of the film You’re Next isn’t such a twist in and of itself but rather that one of the girlfriends of one of the brothers turns out to have been brought up by a psychotic survivalist father which allows for the pretty little thing to wreak her own havoc with the attackers.  This girl is the Australian actress Sharni Vinson and she makes the film fun and compelling.

The end result of the film isn’t so much pure “inventiveness” as much as just a good, lean, amusing, deft thriller.  Maybe waiting for a twist is the wrong way to look at it because it’s not so much that there is one.  It’s just a well-executed (ha) bloody chop-’em-up.

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