Wrong (2012)

Wrong (2012) movie poster

director Quentin Dupieux
viewed: 10/17/2013

When your first film is about a serial killer rubber tire (Rubber (2010)), where do you go from there?

When you are Quentin Dupieux, a.k.a. musician Mr. Oizo, you make a movie about a guy who dog disappears and his quest to find the dog.

It’s a similarly absurdist world, however, where said man, actor Jack Plotnick, has been continuing for months of going to a job that he was fired from.  A job in an office where it is constantly raining.

So it’s not too odd when it turns out that his dog was actually kidnapped by a man (William Fichtner) and an organization that seeks to temporarily separate people from their pets so that they appreciate them more.  Only, the kidnapper crashed his van and died and the dog got away.

There is a lot more of off-beat weirdness.  Some of which works better than others.  Sort of like a stand-up routine where half the jokes receive chuckles and half crickets.

One of the funniest, oddest things, is the detective who finds Plotnick’s dog’s poop, and hooks it up to a machine to “get into” the poop’s memories, starting inside the dog’s intestinal track until it is “born” onto the grass.  It then witnesses the dog’s kidnap.

The absurdist comedy has its moments but mostly it’s a dud.  There’s some substance here, I just wish that it was better distilled, developed, perhaps edited down.

Sadly there is also this weird sexist subplot about an obsessed pizza girl that is a bit unpleasant.

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