Battle for Terra (2007)

Battle for Terra (2007) movie poster

director Aristomenis Tsirbas
viewed: 12/22/2013

Not sure why I housed this movie in my queue for so long other than I wasn’t sure it was age-appropriate at the time it came out and it must have gotten some decent reviews.  Looking for a change-up from our recent movie-watching, I pushed it to the top.

2007.  Almost seven years old now.  Frankly, this movie looks vaguely even older due to the style of computer animation.  It was probably not top of the line even in 2007 (almost typed 1997).

I recalled that it was slightly more “adult” in its tone.  Only in that it’s a little more serious throughout.  I guess in that sense, the rather uninventive science fiction has a vague depth of integrity.  It’s not quite as pandering.

Really, it’s kind of a poor child’s Avatar (2009), with humans as the invading force on a peaceful alien land.  In this case, the natural resource is the planet itself.  And the human military plans to extinguish the weird floating fluke-like aliens and to take the planet to themselves.  Given the compromise accomplished at the end, it’s kind of perplexing that they really felt the need to battle at all.

I really don’t recommend this film to anyone except maybe in hindsight, a survey of the evolution of computer animation might note the poor quality of this film.  Time, I doubt, will be too kind to it aesthetically.

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