Paper Moon (1973)

Paper Moon (1973) movie poster

director Peter Bogdanovich
viewed: 01/11/2014

On kind of a whim, seeing that it was available on demand from Movieplex (which shows films uncut in their correct aspect ratios and has a surprisingly decent offering), I played Paper Moon for the kids, with almost zero introduction.  Since I last watched it in 2007, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to share it with them.

Tatum O’Neal’s performance is one for the ages.  And really, her chemistry with father Ryan would seem kind of obvious if it wasn’t for the fact that the chemistry is all about her stubborn, angry countenance and his slick, glib charm.  Who knows how they were to one another in real life back then but they are brilliant as Addie and Moze.

Felix and Clara liked it pretty well, especially Tatum’s clever wit.  I think they wanted to go and try some of those cons that the pair worked as well.

Hands down.  Great movie.

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