Cry-Baby (1990)

Cry-Baby (1990) movie poster

director John Waters
viewed: 02/19/2014

Sometime back I decided to work my way through all of John Waters’ movies.  It’s kind if strange but I never saw Cry-Baby before ever.  I wound up watching it On Demand from the Sundance Channel and oddly noted that it’s running time was less than it ought to have been.  And then there are these weird ellipses in the film apparently where it was cut to commercial by the channel.  And I began to really wonder if I was missing out here.

It’s quite clean if it is the whole film.  I don’t know how many of Waters’ films hit PG-13 but this was his period of gaining the broadest of audiences, following up on his 1988 success with Hairspray.  I’m sure he never envisioned a world at the time when both Hairspray and Cry-Baby were translated into Broadway musicals.

Actually, Cry-Baby is a lot of fun, sort of a musical if not entirely a musical on its own.  This was Johnny Depp’s break-away movie and he’s great in it, though his singing is replaced by the rockabilly stylings or James Intveld.  No matter.  It’s quite fun.

It’s got a typical litany of Waters’ hand-chosen stars and celebrities playing all sorts of oddball characters, enacting a love from the wrong side of the tracks story that is almost downright clean-cut.  (I was missing something, right?)  Traci Lords is kind of perfect in it.

Like I said, I enjoyed it.

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