Big Bad Wolves (2013)

Big Bad Wolves (2013) movie poster

directors Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado
viewed: 05/05/2014

This Israeli black comedy/thriller/torture porn follows a cop on the trail of a serial child rapist and murderer.  The cop employs some too heavy-handed tactics during interrogation and gets booted from the squad, but he stays in pursuit of his prey, this mild-mannered school teacher, who he suspects to the nth degree.  Only in steps the father of one of the murdered girls, who has upped the ante on torture tactics to extract a confession and the disclosure of where the young girls’ heads are.

Cheery stuff, eh?

The drama turns on whether the captive is really the killer.  The comedy turns on many various elements, like when the father’s brutal torture of the killer is interrupted by a visit from his own father, a mild elder who initially thinks his son is losing his mind before joining in on the festivities himself.

The film is well-shot and moves along pretty good.  But several things wound up annoying me.  Possibly petty things, like the way the actors responded to their rather painful wounds.

Overall, the thing that was the most disturbing about the film was the acceptance of all this misbehavior.  When the cop is chastised, it’s only temporary, even when a clip of his interrogation goes on YouTube.  It’s slap on the wrist material.  When he’s hounding the suspect, we’re never shown any evidence and the guy is totally, totally wronged.  And that the father and the grandfather take this whole brutality in stride suggests a world where morality is truly a relative thing.

Frankly, I thought the movie was okay.  Not great.  I don’t recommend it though I didn’t despise it either.

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