Raw Deal (1948)

Raw Deal (1948) movie poster

director Anthony Mann
viewed: 05/07/2014

Pretty nifty film noir from director Anthony Mann starring Dennis O’Keefe as an inmate breaking out of prison with the help of his gal.  Only the story is really from his gal’s perspective.  That’s Claire Trevor doing the world-weary voiceover for this doomed little narrative.

Raymond Burr plays the big-suited heavy with a sadistic streak.  John Ireland is his wily house of cards-building henchman.  But more than anything, it’s the decent nice girl, Ann (Marsha Hunt) who makes the whole thing go sideways for them.  The cynics would actually get away with their diminished sense of happiness and freedom if it wasn’t for the nice girl, turning O’Keefe’s head and general sensibilities.

Some nice cinematography too, especially toward the final moments of the film.

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