Grease (1978)

Grease (1978) movie poster

director Randal Kleiser
viewed: 05/16/2014

We’ve all seen Grease, right?  The great musical reflection on the 1950’s through a pronounced 1970’s cum disco lens.  Well, now Felix and Clara can say the same.

Clara asked to see it after seeing a friend in a school production of the play.  The irony of how much frank sex talk runs throughout the film and even the songs makes me imagine that a middle school production of the material must have been up for some editing.  I know first hand how much of that stuff will go over a kid’s head.  It certainly went over mine in 1978.

I don’t know what I thought the lyrics were but I certainly didn’t hear things like the “Greased Lightnin'” automobile being a “real pussywagon.”

One key thing that I never experienced before this time was appreciating Stockard Channings’ charms.  I mean, she belts the tunes out great, but I think that of all the overaged teenagers in the movie, she was the most long past her youth.  She’s great, of course, but she’s really quite attractive, too.  Though I was always quite into Didi Conn back in the day.

For as tired of the movie as I wound up becoming over the years, I have to say that it’s still massively entertaining.  John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were probably never better, united forever here, in the timelessness of cinema.  It’s really pretty funny throughout.  And the songs…I guess I have to admit, I really like the songs, too.

The kids liked it too.  Felix quite begrudgingly, “It’s a musical!?”  I felt like saying something like, “Yeah, it was the Frozen (2013) of its day.”


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