The Past (2013)

The Past (2013) movie poster

director Asghar Farhadi
viewed: 05/17/2014

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi returns to the well of the family melodrama that he tapped so successfully in his 2011 film A Separation.

In A Separation the story is of the life of a husband and wife separating, living apart, caring for their child and the husband’s elderly father.  Its understated, earnest approach was quite compelling and the exploration of the process of law in Iran, regarding a number of events in the film was also quite fascinating.

The Past taps into similar material, a husband and wife divorcing, so that the wife can move on with her new lover.  Beyond evolving the status of the relationship, the complexity of the drama here is quite higher too, with the wife’s lover’s wife in a coma following a suicide attempt, drama around the wife’s elder daughter, and more.

Frankly, it felt a bit more melodramatic, though the tone is still largely understated.  It also takes place in France in relationships between people from different countries and backgrounds.  A strong humanity pervades the film.

I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as A Separation.  The film received good praise, and it is good.  I’d say not as good, but you know.

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