The Haunted Strangler (1957)

The Haunted Strangler (1957) movie poster

director Robert Day
viewed: 05/18/2014

At some point in the day, I came to realize that I was on a serious movie marathon.  My third slot went to an odd Boris Karloff movie.  It’s one of a series of British horror films that the Criterion Collection compiled.

The Haunted Strangler starts out with Karloff as a retiree of sorts who is looking to absolve a man who was hanged for a series of murders of young women in London 20 years prior.  It’s kind of a cold case files sort of thing but he is somewhat of a reformer who wants to show that a lot of people were convicted of crimes on dubious information with bad legal representation.

Then the film goes kinda kooky weird.  It turns out that Karloff was the killer all along in one of those kinds of twists that really doesn’t make any sense at all if you think about it.  It is kind of cool/creepy the way Karloff contorts his face when he transforms into the killer.  It’s actually a pretty athletic performance for a 70 year old actor.

Interesting for sure.  Not sure why Criterion selected it but it’s cool.

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