I Eat Your Skin (1964)

I Drink Your Blood /I Eat Your Skin

director Del Tenney
viewed: 06/05/2014

I Eat Your Skin is a great lesson in marketing.

The above poster was made for the film and it’s double bill partner, I Drink Your Blood (1970), which I think speaks for itself rather profoundly.  Personally, I’ve been fascinated in seeing the double bill myself since first encountering the movie poster in childhood.  Really, it’s just freaking amazing.  Sublime.

Only, I Eat Your Skin didn’t start out as I Eat Your Skin.  According to Wikipedia, the film began life as Zombie Bloodbath or Voodoo Blood Bath and only went on to its wonderous retitling and movie poster after getting picked up by distributor Jerry Gross.  Frankly, that’s where the genius is.  In the marketing.

I needed to see this.  I still need to see I Drink Your Blood.

I Eat Your Skin is a low budget horror film shot in Florida, like a very poor man’s I Walked with a Zombie (1943) with some campier aspects right out of an Ed Wood, Jr. production.  It’s not the type of post-Night of the Living Dead (1968) zombies or anything as scary as the poster implies.

Actually, I think that the low budget zombie make-up has some creepy charm.  I don’t know if all would agree.

I actually watched this as part of Elvira’s Movie Macabre streaming from Hulu Plus.  I spent on summer in Bakersfield, CA watching Elvira and really liking her and have gone on to have friends who completely adore her.  I think she’s super cool, too, but this late era movie hosting seems to take a little direction from Mystery Science Theater 3000, with occasional onscreen commentary by Cassandra Peterson (Ms. Elvira herself).  I don’t mind the cutaways to commercial that cut away to no commercials as much as the movie interruption moments.   Some of her gags are funnier than others.

So, I”m halfway there to my goal now.  Although now that goal may include acquiring a poster of this for my wall.

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