I Drink Your Blood (1970)

I Drink Your Blood /I Eat Your Skin

director David E. Durston
viewed: 06/18/2014

I’ve now achieved a life-long goal.  I have seen I Eat Your Skin (1964) and now its billmate, I Drink Your Blood.  And in some real hurrah of serendipity, in the extras on the DVD, director David E. Durston talks to the man from marketing who retitled the films, put this double bill together, and wrote the lines: “Two great blood-horrors to rip out your guts!”  It’s funny how both director Del Tenney of I Eat Your Skin and Durston of I Drink Your Blood both disdained the renaming of their films.  But frankly, this poster is what has itched at my psyche all these years.  Give a little credit to the marketing team.

I Drink Your Blood is actually a little more what you might expect from this 1970 grindhouse/drive-in release.  It’s sick and gory and weird as hell (and unlike I Eat Your Skin, in color).

In fact, it’s pretty fucking nutso on its own.

Basically, a multi-ethnic gang of hedonistic, dangerous hippies (read: the Manson family) show up in a small town and start with devil worship and orgies and lots of LSD.  A local kid sells them some meat pies (at 25 cents a pop) that he’s injected with the blood of a rabid dog that he has shot and killed.  So then we’ve got freaked out rabid killer hippies on a murder spree.

On top of this gonzo concept (and a goodly amount of blood and gore), the film has some other surprises.  It features the amazingly beautiful cult film star Lynn Lowry in an uncredited first role.  And the film also has the very interesting setting of Sharon Springs, NY, which at the time was an utterly derelict vacation town, remarkably nice and quaint and soon to be destroyed.  Luckily, the town has been revitalized and saved from destruction, apparently.  But it makes for a unique and interesting location for all the action to occur.

I don’t know what else to say but this movie, originally titled “Hydrophobia” (another term for rabies, don’t ya know) is seriously kookoo deranged fun.  Actually, it’s funny how literally the film-makers took the term “Hydrophobia”.  The rabid hippies and other people they infect are literally afraid of water, not quite the true meaning of rabies, but if you ask me this little goofiness only adds to the manic mania herein.

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