Jug Face (2013)

Jug Face (2013) movie poster

director Chad Crawford Kinkle
viewed: 06/24/2014

I can’t recall where I stumbled upon Jug Face to place it in my film queue, but it was showing up both in Netflix and Hulu Plus streaming and so seemed to really be trying to tell me to watch it.  I’ve been venturing through both classics and anti-classics so it seemed a good time to watch a contemporary horror film…about which I knew virtually nothing.

It’s a strange concept for a film, a small backwoods community that worships a hole in the ground, “the pit”.  They make moonshine to sell in the nearby town and when “the pit” calls to a potter and tells him to make a “Jug Face” (a jug with the face of someone in their little community), he makes it from the mud of the pit and then that person has to be sacrificed to the pit.

You know, the kind of horrors that we all have.

The film stars the young Lauren Ashley Carter as the girl whose face shows up on the most recent jug.  She’s been having sex with her brother, even gets pregnant by him, so when she sees she is to be doomed, she hides the jug and tries to figure out a way out of the mess.  Only “the pit” starts slaughtering people at random in apparent punishment of the community for forsaking its desire.

The concept is odd enough and earnest enough to make it pretty compelling.  There are moments of “pit vision” when Ada (Carter) is seeing through the pit’s eyes that are done in pretty lame effect, which is my biggest complaint about the film.  Carter herself is quite compelling.  I’m definitely keeping an eye out for more movies from her.

An odd, interesting little film.

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