Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1972)

Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1972) movie poster

director Brian Clemens
viewed: 06/27/2014

Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter isn’t your massively typical Hammer horror film, though it’s got vampires in it.  These are a slightly different ilk of vampires that suck out young women’s youth, turning them into old, old hags who then die.  And there is a bit of mystery here as to who the real vampire is.

But there is little mystery about the swashbuckling hero of the film.  It is titled “Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter”, after all.  Played by Horst Janson, he’s a blond swordsman with a penchant for slaying vampires with his hunchbacked sidekick Professor Hieronymus Grost (John Cater), who has such vast knowledge of vampires that what he doesn’t know about blood-suckers “wouldn’t fill a flea’s codpiece,” or so says Captain Kronos of him at one point.

It’s really a pretty decent romp, with some comedy, some violence, some drama and even a dash of dashing sword-fighting to fill it out.  You get the impression that there was some hope on the part of the producers to get into a series of films with further adventures abounding.

Good fun.  Don’t think I’d ever seen it before, even in my days of watching every Hammer horror film that television threw at me in childhood.

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