Bad Meat (2011)

Bad Meat (2011) movie poster

director Lulu Jarmen
viewed: 07/13/2014

At a reform camp for troubled teens run by callous, cruel oddballs, a revenge-seeking cook poisons the food with some “bad meat”.  Lucky(?) for the teens, they’re only served raw potatoes, so it’s their vicious torturers that spew vomit and turn psycho cannibal.

No aspect of the film is particularly well-made, none of the characters rise above the pretty badly conceived cliches that they represent, and the film is edited by a possible narcoleptic, which doesn’t help the film make any sense as a whole.  But it’s also gross-out in crude and weirdly suggestive ways and for all its shortcomings, isn’t actually utterly dire.

Apparently, the film had a lot of troubles through production and the director “Lulu Jarmen” is a pseudonym contrived by a director not wanting to be associated with something so rancid.

It’s also not something I recommend.

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