House at the End of the Street (2012)

House at the End of the Street (2012) movie poster

director Mark Tonderai
viewed: 08/24/2014

Jennifer Lawrence.  I like her.  Media loves her.

It seems like she’s been around forever almost since I first saw her in Winter’s Bone (2010).  She’s a perennial at the Oscar’s already.  She’s all of 24.

Up and coming actors often find themselves in less than stellar films as they are given the opportunity to headline a film.  Lots make duds.  It goes with the territory.

But Lawrence has hit the route to Hollywood stardom, commercial and critical success so squarely.  Could she really have a dud film in her resume?  Or conversely, can she elevate a piece of junk to a higher plane?

House at the End of the Street is not dire trash.  It’s low-rate mediocrity of a thriller about a mom (Elizabeth Shue) and a daughter (Lawrence) moving to the isolated rural-ish ‘burbs to find that the house at the end of their street was the site of a double murder of a mom and dad by a psychotic daughter (thus pushing down the real estate market around them).  And the lone survivor of that family incident, a brother, lives there.  The girl was never found.

Lawrence is good.  The best thing in the film.  Still, she just plays a teen with a good moral compass.  Nothing too interesting here.

By the end, you know “the twist” is coming.  You’re just trying to guess at it.  Right or wrong, it’s not too satisfying.

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