Night of the Creeps (1986)

Night of the Creeps (1986) movie poster

director Fred Dekker
viewed: 10/11/2014

If you’d asked me before, I would have sworn that I’d seen Night of the Creeps before.  But after watching it just now, I have to say pretty sure that I had not seen it.

It’s a pretty darn cool mid-1980’s horror film, paying homage to the 1950’s horror films and paying a name-dropping homage to the more modern/contemporary heroes of the horror genre.  Really, it’s the second movie in a week that I’ve seen that names a character Raimi (after The Dead Next Door (1989)…or actually before it).  Night of the Creeps doesn’t feature Sam Raimi as executive producer, though.  It’s an odd ball o’ horror wax all its own.

It opens in outer space with a weird group of aliens (played by little people) who eject some capsule that flies to Earth.  On Earth, it’s 1959, and somewhere between The Blob (1958) and some slasher thing, a bunch of leechy slugs escape the pod and kill.

Flash forward to 1986 and the infected teen from the 1950’s has been held in cryogenic stasis, only to be freed by two nerdy kids who want to get in with the local cool dude fraternity.  Gore and chaos and good-natured fun ensue.

So alien brain-eating slugs zombie-fi the town.  Adventure, gore, humor, and some coolness in general abound.

Director Fred Dekker had scripted the pretty fun horror film House (1986) and would go on work on Monster Squad (1987) and RoboCop 3 (1993), the former of which he co-wrote with Shane Black.  He also seems to have reappeared to have worked on a new Predator movie with Black.

It’s cool stuff.  Cool cult 1980’s horror stuff.

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