A Night at the Opera (1935)

A Night at the Opera (1935) movie poster

director Sam Wood
viewed: 01/01/2015

It’s not a superstition but I do like to begin a new year watching a “good” movie as opposed to a bad one.  The movies that we actually had on slate to watch, Star Wars Episode III and the notorious Batman & Robin (1997) certainly didn’t fit that term, so when TCM showed up playing Marx brothers movies, opportunity knocked and Felix and I answered.

I tend to vacillate between exactly how much I like one Marx brothers movie versus another.  Felix and I had just seen A Day at the Races (1937) a couple days before at the Castro Theatre.  A Night at the Opera is considered one of their best and it certainly has a lot going for it.

I introduced the kids to the Marx brothers about three years ago when Felix was 9 and Clara was 7.  I can honestly say that watching Marx brothers movies with my kids is one of the best pure pleasures I’ve enjoyed in some time.

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