Railroaded! (1947)

Railroaded! (1947) movie poster

director Anthony Mann
viewed: 03/10/2015

Railroaded! is a nifty noir from director Anthony Mann with effective cinematography from collaborator John Alton.   Clocking in at only 72 minutes, this is a deft and defining genre and style picture.

There is a blithe simplicity to this story and set-up to this story about a young kid that gets framed for the killing of a cop by some callous crooks.  That simplicity belies what lies beneath this picture of crime, killers, cops, and the average citizen.  What’s odd and interesting is that the story isn’t focused on the kid who becomes the fall guy for the killer, but rather on his sister (Sheila Ryan) who wants to prove him innocent to the detective on the case (Hugh Beaumont).  Only the killer (John Ireland) is a pretty wily fella, only too willing to kill others to keep his secret.

The opening robbery sequence is a keen highlight, but so is the ending shoot-out.  This is a solid little film.

Anthony Mann continues to impress.

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