Bone (1972)

Bone (1972) movie poster

director Larry Cohen
viewed: 04/01/2015

On the surface, Bone seems like a typical enough scenario for a Larry Cohen movie, albeit a little less crazy/radical.  It’s a home invasion story, racially-tinged, as a young black man (Yaphet Kotto) confronts a rich white couple (Andrew Duggan and Joyce Van Patten) in their Beverly Hills home, threatening them and calling them out for their complacency and privilege.

Only this isn’t exactly a thriller.  Rather, it’s a work of social criticism, with characters delving into analysis of the state of their lives, their own stereotypes, personal histories, hang-ups, and traumas.  Self-aware and provocative more than lurid and shocking.  The dialog reckons of theatricality and self-awareness.  It’s a wholly more “artsy” affair than any other Cohen film I can think of.

But that is not to discredit it.  Kotto, Duggan, and Van Patten are all great, as is Jeanine Berlin as an oddball shoplifter.

A strange and interesting flick.

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