Blade Runner (1982)

Blade Runner (1982) movie poster

director Ridley Scott
viewed: 04/10/2015

What is there to add to the overall consensus about Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner as one of the great science fiction movies of all time?  It’s absolutely gorgeous and has aged amazingly well aesthetically.

We watched the original version, which was the last version that I’d personally seen of it, maybe 15 years ago.  This time, though, I had just read Philip K. Dick’s novel from which it was so notably adapted, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and I was extraordinarily aware of the differences in adaptation.

This was an interesting point, I think.  The movie is great because it is its own thing, very much apart from the novel, not at all adhering to the novel but rather using the novel as a starting point for ideas and crafting its own vision and ideas.  This would almost never happen in today’s Hollywood where books have become sacrosanct and adaptations dare not to miss a single tangible element without a fanbase rising up in abject fury.  Really, Blade Runner is a prime example of how adaptation should be allowed the freedom to invent and play with original texts, even pretty great ones, which I would agree that Dick’s novel meets.

I meant to watch it with Felix and Clara but Felix zonked out.  Clara was a little nonplussed by the film.  I still really appreciated it.

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