Tapeheads (1988)

Tapeheads (1988) movie poster

director Bill Fishman
viewed: 04/09/2015

A movie that could only have come from the 1980’s, Tapeheads is an indie comedy starring Tim Robbins and John Cusack as two would-be music video producers trying to make it on the cheap in LA.

It features Sam Moore and Junior Walker as well as the band Fishbone, who are credited with the music for the film.  Actually a litany of odd notable musicians appear, including Stiv Bators, Weird Al Yankovic, Jello Biafra.  We’ve even got an appearance by Martha Quinn of early MTV days.

Cusack actually has a number of good scenes in this choppy, fun, not exactly terrific cult film.  It’s hard not to like and even harder to fathom how I never actually saw this film before.

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  1. Living in L.A. now, when the downtown arts district is a hot property, it puts a new perspective on this film. Because now it documents an era that has come and gone – when artists did live in the warehouses in downtown and not just those of us who want to be cool and interesting.

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