Mac and Me (1988)

Mac and Me (1988) movie poster

director Stewart Raffill
viewed: 04/24/2015

Probably the greatest, most terrible E.T. (1982) knock-off ever made, Mac and Me is notoriously considered to be one of the worst films ever made and perhaps even more notorious for its prevalent product placements.

All that said, I would still file this under “needs to be seen to be believed.”

Among the many tropes of our film-watching, I’ve been also introducing my kids to the “so bad it’s good” world of awful movies.  Let’s face it.  True movie enjoyment is a broad spectrum.  And I have to say that we all got some enjoyment out of this ludicrous, cheap-o 1980’s disaster of a movie.

The aliens are wonderfully awful, so creepy looking that they aren’t the least cute, more like moronic sea monkeys from outer space.  How they get sucked into an Earth-based vacuum space ship and sent to Southern California is one of the aspects of goofy anti-logic that runs rampant in the film.

The film’s greatest scene is when the kids disguise “Mac” in a teddy bear costume and take him to a wild dance-filled birthday party at McDonald’s, hosted by none other than Ronald McDonald.  Clara had a hard time getting over the dancing.  This entire segment is a joy of awfulness in the extreme.

That the film’s human star is a wheelchair-bound young man is a bit of an oddity in casting, it also sets up a number of really, truly hilarious moments such as plummeting from his backyard cliff into a small lake, outracing cars and running secret agents from the government, and other wheelchair stunts galore.  You really are waiting for them to shoot through the air across the moon a la E.T. (though that doesn’t end up happening.)

Wow.  Seriously.  Wow.  This movie is amazing.

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