Birdman (2014)

Birdman (2014) movie poster

director Alejandro G. Iñárritu
viewed: 05/03/2015

Birdman, man.  I dunno.  It won Best Picture at the Oscars earlier this year.  It’s a pretty good movie.  Uniquely cinematic, though its subject matter is the theater, the theater that a washed-up one-time superhero film actor played by Michael Keaton tries to enter into big time, writing, directing, and starring in his own adaptation of a Raymond Carver story.

It’s cinematic in its style, told in an oddly omniscient faux single long take style, with breaks and bumps from any sense of full reality, to the banging jazz drum beats of the soundtrack.  It’s interesting.  And original.  And different.

And sure, Keaton is good.  So is Edward Norton.  Both of them in tighty-whities.

Actually, I liked Emma Stone in it, slightly more of a character than she usually plays.  She’s got real charm and lots of types of talent.  I’d like to see her do something more unusual.

Overall, though,…I have to say…decent movie, good movie, but Best Picture?  Really?

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