Hideout in the Sun (1960)

Hideout in the Sun (1960) movie poster

director Doris Wishman
viewed: 06/07/2015

“Filmed in Gorgeous Eastman Color in Nuderama,” Doris Wishman’s first feature film, Hideout in the Sun tells the tale of a pair of robbers who kidnap a woman who lives in a nudist colony and try to lay low while the naturalists let it all hang out.

For a low-budget affair, with a lot of, if not all of, the dialog shot with non-sync sound like many of her later films, it’s got real style and character.  In fact, the non-sync sound gives the camera other things to look at than people just moving their mouths in the act of talking.  Wishman turns what could be considered a cheapened element into a true flare of style.

The healthy lifestyle of the naturalists wins over the less hardened of the criminals, that and his love for their good-hearted captive, and he decides to turn himself in and reform for love.  This, while the other criminal gets on the wrong end of a cobra at the Miami Serpentarium.  Crime doesn’t pay, but nudism does!

With strategically placed beach balls, towels, or picnic baskets, the film is really quite chaste.  Lots of swimming and badminton, bums and boobs, it’s quite the advertisement for the lifestyle.

Oh, and you’ve gotta love the title track, crooned by Ralph Young.

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