Primitive London (1965)

Primitive London (1965) movie poster

director Arnold L. Miller

Sometimes (perhaps more often than not), someone has done a rather good job of summarizing a movie better than I can do it.

Vic Pratt of BFI Screenline describes “Primitive London, like other ‘Mondo’ films, is a bizarre hotchpotch of loosely linked and entirely disconnected sequences, mixing the salacious and the supposedly shocking with the banal, the ridiculous and the bewilderingly mundane.”

He adds in details “Among the elements included are interviews with mods, rockers and beatniks; bloody footage of a birth; battery chickens being killed; a grisly re-enactment of a Jack The Ripper murder (inserted at the last minute to ensure that the film was given an ‘X’ certificate); flabby men in a sauna bath; women modelling topless swimsuits; a wife swapping party (which inspired Long’s later production, The Wife Swappers (1970)); ‘violent’ sports such as kendo; the life of a Soho stripper, and even a chiropodist at work.”

The mods and rockers are perhaps the most culturally interesting thing caught on camera, but the totality of randomness that producers Arnold Miller and Stanley A. Long end up getting on film makes you really wonder what they were really interested in when they set about this film.  It’s an interesting oddity.



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