Hackers (1995)

Hackers (1995) movie poster

director Iain Softley
viewed: 08/22/2015

I have a friend who liked to jokingly reference Hackers, the 1995 film about the burgeoning internet underground, which would make him laugh frequently.  So, of course, I queued it up and now, I’ve watched it.

The film is most notable for a young Angelina Jolie in one of her first big roles, starring alongside Jonny Lee Miller, who would go on to become her first husband.  And of course being one of the first wave of mainstream Hollywood movies to deal with the internet (which would certainly be a pretty interesting micro-genre point of research.)

Frankly, I think the more you are intimate with code, the more funny these would-be hackers might seem.  Their hip lingo that nobody ever used and their glamorous lives as high school students by day, coders by night, and fun cool dudes all around is indeed the kind of vision dreampt only by Hollywood and has little relevance to anything remotely like real life.  That is typical of Hollywood, I know, but when it’s your subculture that is being interpreted, then it’s more amusing to you.

This is definitely one to file under the “Way ’90’s” category.  I guess I didn’t find it as hilarious on my own as I might have with my friend, but for a pretty lame thriller, it’s entertaining enough, though not quite bad enough to be truly entertaining.  At least, from my particular seat.  Hackers, like those Window95 ads and other ways “we looked at the internet 20 years ago” is a time capsule of unintentional comedy.

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