Baba Yaga (1973)

Baba Yaga (1973) movie poster

director Corrado Farina
viewed: 09/02/2015

The Baba Yaga film I really wanted to see was the 1971 Aleksandr Rou Baba Yaga, but the Baba Yaga film that was available was this 1973 Italian Corrado Farina Baba Yaga.  Still, it looked pretty interesting if utterly unrelated in anything but title and perhaps core concept of some weird evil witch.

In this one, a beautiful photographer named Valentina (Isabelle De Funès) becomes the object of desire for a lesbian witch, Baba Yaga (Carroll Baker), who almost runs over her with her car.  Baba Yaga gives Valentina a very strange bondage-clad doll and bewitches her camera into causing calamities for those who she snaps with it.

Adapted from an Italian “fumetti” (Italian comic books), the film is a semi-artsy aspirant to the avant-garde and semi-pulp.  Farina’s characters name drop Snoopy and Jean-Luc Godard among many things in this kind of interesting flick.  For my money it doesn’t quite reach a level greatness, though it flirts with being more than averageness.  Obviously, the negative depiction of lesbianism lurks beneath the very skin of the story.  And the film’s weirdnesses seem to almost propel it into interestingness.  My end feeling was decidedly mixed.

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