Ecco (1964)


Ecco (1964) movie posterdirector Gianni Proia
viewed: 09/05/2015

Have you ever seen a girl castrate a reindeer with her teeth?  Ecco!

Ecco is an early Mondo Cane (1962) knock-off, a first wave of “Mondo” documentaries, this one perhaps one of the higher-end samples, also featuring a soundtrack by Mondo Cane‘s Riz Ortolani (“More”).  And for a narrator?  George Sanders, offering a certain level of class and a certain level of humor.

Like a lot of Mondo films, this one is kind of all over the place, literally and figuratively.  It’s a globe-trotting freakshow with varying degrees of fakery or misinformation constructing the things that the audience is shown as factual.  Satanic ritual in England? Brazilian Carnival? San Francisco female impersonators? Japanese youth in loincloths vying for ?  Parisian butt club?

It’s a moderately entertaining array of nonsense, with only a couple of really cringy bits.  There is a bloody whale hunt, though done by guys in a canoe not some big hunting ship.  Still kinda gross.  There is the reindeer scene, though it’s more delicately edited.  Blink and you might miss it.

And then there is the human pincushion dude.  If you ever really wonder what the Mondo genre is all about, here is a key example.  It’s a freakshow, some far more freaky than others.

Still the Laplander girl in traditional costume.  The Lapp’s costumes are pretty awesome on their own.  Ecco!

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