The Forbidden (1966)

The Forbidden (1966) movie poster

directors Benjamin Andrews, Lee Frost
viewed: 09/05/2015

The B-side to the Ecco (1964) Mondo disc is Forbidden, another Mondo film with a somewhat less sprawling focus.  This one is largely, though not entirely, about strippers and nude performers around…the world?

Oh yeah, and it begins with a really weird sequence where two half-naked women open their door to a bald rapist and subdue him with a knife in the eye.  This is described as an advertisement for a martial arts studio in Los Angeles.  And then there are some displays of women throwing men.

Most hilariously, the film features a very judgmental (and incessant) narration.  A sample from a scene describing the quality of the French strip performers to their American counterpoints notes that they are considered “performers instead of garbage that has to resort to stripping for lack of any other skill”  such as “cheap morally depraved acts worthy of viewing by only the most base of men”.

What you can discern from these films is probably up to each viewers herself.  That which is staged, that which is inaccurately or misleadingly described, that which is potentially revealing or real.  That said, a girl revealing herself is often at least that, a girl revealing herself.

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