Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter (1970)

Stray Cat Rock Sex Hunter (1970) movie poster

director Yasuharu Hasebe
viewed: 09/06/2015

Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter.  How can you go wrong with a title like that?

The third of a series of Stray Cat Rock/girl gang flicks from the Nikkatsu studio, Sex Hunter is the most well-known, popular, and is considered the best of the bunch.  Apparently the films don’t share a narrative through point, though they are thematically kindred and star Meiko Kaji as the leader of the girl gang.

The soundtrack alone is pretty kick-ass, featuring a girl group, Golden Half, as well as lots of other groovy jazz and rock stuffs.  This is swingin’ Japan.

There is an interesting trope running through the film about mixed-race characters and the legacy of American occupation.  The villainous gang is riled by “half-breeds” and wants to roust them out of town.  The cooler girl gang empathizes with Kazuma (Rikiya Yasuoka), a half-African-American/Japanese guy, looking for his sister.  Apparently, the band Golden Half, popular at the time, were comprised of mixed-race performers, as well, underscoring this theme.  It’s interesting.

There is sex and violence and a rather pessimistic ending.  Somehow, as cool as it all was, I wasn’t as enthused about the film as I was expecting to be.  It has flashes of very cool bits throughout, but something didn’t quite click for me for it.  Still, pretty neat.

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