Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015)

Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015) movie poster

directors Richard Starzak, Mark Burton
viewed: 09/12/2015 at Century 20 Daly City and XD, Daly City, CA

From Aardman Animations, the Shaun the Sheep Movie is that all too rare thing, an original G-rated animated film (stop-motion animated no less) that is truly fun and inventive, enjoyable for the whole family.  Really.

I speak for my little family.  We all enjoyed it, though maybe Felix at 13 was the most tepid.

It’s not a laugh-riot, but a clever, silly, fun, nearly wordless feature starring Shaun the Sheep from the Wallace & Gromit films.  Here, Shaun lives on a farm with a number of other sheep, the farmer, and the farmer’s dog, Bitzer.  I think it’s kind of funny that they credit the voice actors throughout since nobody makes anything more than surprised sounds or grunts or gibberish, but hey! it’s cool.

Bored by their lives of scheduled boredom, the sheep trick the farmer into sleeping in, place him in a mini-caravan which gets loose and rolls into “The Big City”.  The farmer awakens to a bout of amnesia becoming a star human shearer while the sheep and Bitzer struggle to find him and avoid the evil dog catcher.

Clara had been interested in the movie but the kids had been out of town when it opened.  And this long into its release, we had to travel down to Daly City to catch a showing of it.  I guess that I appreciated it more because the kids are growing to the age where a film like this could be more easily entirely overlooked in our film-going.  But I thought about it and realized that in the summer slate of movies, this is exactly the kind of film to which our patronage truly belongs, as opposed to the sequel-heavy, Marvel Universe drenched, digitally-driven glut that is far more typical of the summer movie scene than this.

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