Queen of Outer Space (1958)

Queen of Outer Space (1958) movie poster

director Edward Bernds
viewed: 09/12/2015

The high camp potential in this 1958 Zsa Zsa Gabor sci-fi pic is right there on the poster, right there in the title.  And in the finer print you’ll see the screenplay is by the great Charles Beaumont from a story by Ben Hecht.  But the most ironically amusing part of the film is its overarching sexism.

Lt. Mike Cruze: Oh, come off it! How could a bunch of women invent a gizmo like that?
Lt. Larry Turner: Sure, and even if they invented it, how could they aim it? You know how women drivers are!

It’s onto the planet Venus that a rocket ship from Earth crashes, stranding three American space pilots and a genius scientist.  They had been en route to a space station, but the space station blows up by some mysterious force, the same force that directs them to Venus.

And Venus is entirely inhabited by women, gorgeous, gorgeous women in short skirts.  The women took over the planet when the men essentially ran everything into the ground and now the ladies keep the men imprisoned on a moon and run everything.  Zsa Zsa isn’t the Queen you would assume from the poster, but rather a scientist, who finds the totalitarianism of the female leadership needing a change.

Camp it is.  Camp of the 1950’s sci-fi kind, infused with a healthy dose of the period’s predominant sexism.

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