Breeders (1986)

Breeders (1986) movie poster

director Tim Kincaid
viewed: 09/23/2015


Since watching Entrails of a Virgin (1986), I began to wonder why more horror movie monsters and villains weren’t explicit rapists.  I assume that because rape is so real-world horrible, horror films, for all their blood and guts (or just scares) and fear-invoking, are essentially escapist fantasies allowing us to tap those feelings of fear with fun rather than facing one of the worst crimes that occur with truly frightening frequency in the real world.  Perhaps the classic monster movie image of whatever creature carrying off the damsel in distress is an implicit, though codified suggestion of not only death, but rape as well.

Well, then you get a movie like Breeders.   Where rape is exactly what the monster is after.

It’s a wonderfully awful horror film with copious gratuitous nudity, hysterically bad acting, and some equally bad directing that turns into a movie that is indeed so bad as to be good.

It’s the mid-Eighties in Manhattan.  And someone is raping virgins, splashing them with acid, and erasing their memories.  That someone is usually a disguised monster, from outer space, who lurks in the underground tunnels beneath the Empire State Building.  A Dr Gamble Pace (the truly awful Teresa Yvon Farley) has stumbled on this thread at Manhattan General, and she enlists the help of a Detective Dale Andriotti (Lance Lewman) to help solve these crimes.

Who knew it was so easy to find virgins in Manhattan in 1986?

As for the effects, the monster is a rather bad job of a black rubber suit, though there is one scene when one of the men is shedding his flesh suit, chest bubbling, that is pretty decent.  The ending with the “nest” and the naked girls lounging provocatively,…well, like a lot of the movie, it’s pretty darn funny.

In the end, though, it’s kind of a twist on the 1980’s slasher trope of punishing the sexually active while sparing the virginal goody “last girl”.  Here, a little bit of sex might spare you getting raped by a monster from outer space.

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