Killer Nun (1978)


Killer Nun (1978) movie poster

director Giulio Berruti
viewed: 09/26/2015

Killer Nun is another of those “video nasties” as they were dubbed in the UK back in the reactionary 1980’s.  While it’s got a middle-aged Anita Ekberg as a mentally-disturbed, heroin-shooting nun, having sex, both hetero and lesbian, and eventual murders, thus living up to its Killer Nun title, I kind of prefer one of its alternates, “Deadly Habits”, but I’m always one for a pun even in “nunsploitation”.

Yeah, it’s got sex and drugs and violence and nuns.  Maybe if you’re Catholic or were raised Catholic, the whole nun thing has a bit more teeth.  But really, this Italian exploitation flick is a jumble of hot topic nonsense.

Actually, I think it hurts my brain to try to pry more out of it regarding this film.

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