Cannibal Terror (1981)

Cannibal Terror (1981) movie poster

director Alain Deruelle
viewed: 10/02/2015

This has got to be the Ed Wood of cannibal movies.  And by that, I mean the absolute worst cannibal film ever made.

Its badness can only be described as either epic or sublime or both.  How this movie hasn’t shown up on more lists of “worst movies ever made” I don’t know.  I haven’t seen every cannibal film ever made but I’m willing to bet this is in the running for the worst.  Though, it seems that the film shares some sequences and elements with Jess Franco’s Mondo Cannibale (1980) and so perhaps that film offers some promise of insane hilarity.

Tremendously bad, tremendously, wonderfully bad.

The cannibals look like they were recruited from the local Guitar Center or local dive bar and offered weed for their performances.  Painted with make-up from a drug store at Halloween, dancing at times like they’re desperately waiting for the bathroom, and showing less motivation than their macaw co-stars, they reflect verity on every other depiction of cannibals in every other film on the subject.

Mind = blown.

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