Uninvited (1988)

Uninvited (1988) movie poster

director Greydon Clark
viewed: 10/04/2015

Like a lot of bad movies, 1988’s Uninvited has a pretty awesome movie/video poster image going for it. Look at that weird fanged flaming cat head above the skull-fronted yacht. That’s cool stuff.

Starring a seriously slumming George Kennedy and Clu Gulager, it’s the tale of a mutant cat (or more like a mutant cat within a cat) that escapes a bio-lab and goes to town on a yacht populated with scheming Wall Street cons and young spring breakers looking for a party. Alex Cord plays Walter Graham, a bit of a mixture of Donald Trump and Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s (1989), the sleazy yacht owner.

The monster cat looks like a raggedy hand puppet, though the shots of it emerging from the regular cat’s mouth are perhaps the film’s best perverse entertainments.

Written and directed by Greydon Clark, it’s some serious Z-list VHS fodder. Interestingly, Clark is a grindhouse director with a number of cheesy flicks to his name, including Satan’s Cheerleaders (1977) and Joysticks (1983) to name but two. But even more interesting than that is that Clark seems to have gotten started in the schlock biz working with Al Adamson in such “classics” as Satan’s Sadists (1969), Hell’s Bloody Devils (1970), and the amazingly awful Dracula vs. Frankenstein (1971). That is a pedigree of trash you truly have to earn.

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